DIGITAL Marketing strategy

More and more Ugandans are looking online for solutions. Do you have an effective strategy to reach out to them?

Why you need a digital strategy

The digital revolution is here

Internet usage in Uganda is growing with every passing day. Ugandans are spending more and more of their time online. In order to remain relevant in this information age, every business needs an online identity to keep one step ahead of their competition. Influence consumers online before your competition does.

Talius Media Digital revolution


Since consumers are able to carry their internet gadgets with them wherever they go, your online advertising will be able to go with them everywhere they go. Be it on Facebook or Google an effective digital strategy will ensure that you remain in front of your target market.

Cost effective

With the ability to precisely target where your advertising appears coupled with the ability to measure and optimise your campaigns easily, a digital marketing strategy if performed effectively, is the cheapest form of advertising relative to other traditional methods.

Talius media precision targeting


An effective digital marketing strategy allows you to precisely control where your advertising appears, with the ability to target age, sex, location etc, your sure to spend your advertising budget on those people you think are most receptive to your services.

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How Talius Media Can Help You

If you are reading this, chances are high that you have found our website through a Google Adwords advertisement or a Facebook one, in other words, unlike other digital agencies, we at Talius Media actually practice what we preach. We have an effective digital marketing strategy that is producing results for us and will do the same for you.

Our Approach to Digital Strategy

Basically, we harness the power of Social media and Google to achieve your desired objectives.

  • First, you tell us your goals and objectives. You know your business much more than we do. So we learn as much as we can about your business, your goals and your customers.
  • We then carry out our own research, coming up with the best digital marketing strategy best suited to achieve your goals.
  • Here is where we get our hands dirty, we implement, monitor and optimise your strategy ensuring it remains profitable while giving you regular reports on its performance ensuring transparency and accountability.

Ready to talk? We are. Get free consultation on how to come up with an effective digital strategy for your particular business